Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

In this video I cover Linux file system hierarchy.  The somewhat loosely followed systems give some standardization to Linux distributions.

Lets look at $ man hier.

You will notice / root which is a must,  proc which is a pseudo file systems and some things missing like /dev/shm or shared memory system which is a tmpfs


Strip metadata from images command line

In this video I use Linux and ImageMagic to strip the location, camera information and other metadata from a jpg image file.

First we look at the image exif and other metadata with strings and identify

Next we strip the date with mogrify strip and diff the identify -verbose between the new and a backup.

Finally I go over mogrify -strip -auto-orient which will keep the proper photo geometry and orientation and we diff the strip difference.


Fedora 29 Mate spin post install

In this video I cover some of the things I do post install on a Fedora system.

OS update
$ dnf update

#install chrome

Set sudo wheel no password

$ sudo visudo

Block root on ssh
Disable dns lookups in sshd
Start and enable sshd
$ sudo systemctl start sshd
$ sudo systemctl enable sshd

Fix my bashrc
bind ‘”\e[A”: history-search-backward’
bind ‘”\e[B”: history-search-forward’

export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth
export HISTSIZE=100000

Set up

Disable ipv6

Disable screen saver password and power magnet for virtual guest

Tuned set virtual guest